This picture accurately depicts my life with the fandom world. And that’s what’s sad. I think people today, especially me, let the fun and admirable fandoms control our lives. And I also don’t mean the cliche “living our life to the fullest.” I mean, it takes the time away I could be spending with God. Recently (as in my Hello post), I said that I had watched all the Doctor Who episodes, or at least all of them from 2005. I am ashamed in a way because it took me just over a month to go through seven full seasons. I put God in the backseat and let the Doctor take the steering wheel. In fact, at one time, I watched one season in two days. Literally. No joke. 

This is where things change. It’s all good and fun to love the fandoms. I know many wonderful, Godly people who are nerds at heart. But it becomes a problem when it consumes your entire life. Like it has mine in the past two months. (before Doctor Who, I got into Sherlock)

When they say to take things in moderation, it goes so much farther than that extra slice of cake. It means that extra hour on the video game, the 10 more pages of fan fic, the two more chapters of Deathly Hallows, and so on and so forth. Didn’t you notice that every time Frodo put the Ring on, he become more easily susceptible to the powers? It just took a few more seconds, a few more moments with precious before he started to become consumed with it as well. Don’t let the simple, wonderful things in your life take control and become the center of your life. They will destroy you, unfortunately. 

To Him Be Glory and Make Him Famous! 


Hello! :D


Hi Guys! 

Kelly has asked me to help out on this blog and I’m so psyched!! I probably won’t have as many posts as Kelly because I put myself through so much business it isn’t even funny. But I do enjoy it! Anyway, the above picture pretty much sums me up..except it should have JESUS CHRIST or THE BIBLE or GOD on that picture as well because besides my passion for the fandoms, I have a passion for Christ. I love the idea of this blog, and I hope to put my very best into this for the benefit of others and to bring glory to God! 

Oh, and do be warned, I just finished the most recent episode of Doctor Who, and so I’m basically on a WhoHype right now. I will probably have many posts concerning Doctor Who until that calms down! 

I can’t wait to start writing!! In fact, I may do one this evening. Don’t know yet. 


To Him Be Glory and Make Him Famous!